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606 N 15th Street
Fort Dodge, IA 50501-3322
Phone: 1 515 576 POOL (7665)
Fax: 1 515 576 5760
Toll Free: 1 866 336 5076
Hours of Operation
And by Special Request
Communities Served
Algona, Badger, Barnum, Bode, Bradgate, Burt, Callender, Coalville, Clarion, Clare, Duncombe, Eagle Grove, Emmetsburg, Farnhamville, Fonda, Fort Dodge, Gilmore City, Gowery, Havelock, Humboldt, Knierim, Laurens, Lehigh, Livermore, Lytton, Mallard, Manson, Moorland, Nemaha, Otho, Ottosen, Palmer, Pioneer, Plover, Pocahontas, Pomeroy, Renwick, Rockwell City, Rolfe, Rutland, Sac City, Thor, Twin Lakes, Vincent, Webster City, West Bend, Woolstock
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Introducing a Better, Safer, Smarter Way to Bake, Grill and Smoke

Produce very good food - very easily.

Do you like juicy, flavorful, and tender meat?

You get exactly what you desire every time. You'll have so much juice, you won't want paper plates. Unlike most grills, which dry your foods while cooking, our patented design retains juices and is much more effective than searing. The flavor is always wonderful, no matter what your cooking style.

Do you want safety and convenience - no fuel, no fire, no flare-ups?

Our electric grill is safer, simpler, and much easier to use than a gas or charcoal grill. You never have to worry about starting or stopping fires, singeing your eyebrows, or dousing flare-ups. Because the exterior stays cool, children (and adults) are unlikely to get burned. Grilling should be safe and fun, not dangerous or difficult!

How to Grill To Perfection on a Dakota Grill

Do you want something quick and easy-to-use that won't burn your food?

Dakota Grills electric grills cook your meat to perfection EVERY TIME, even when you're not there. No flipping, no flare ups, no hassle... just the best meat you've ever had.

With a Dakota Grill, you insert a meat probe, set the grill, and walk away. It's that easy. You don't need to check your meat, or flip it, or worry about it. When your food is done (to whatever temperature you set), the grill alerts you. And don't rush to take your meat off - this grill automatically keeps it warm, without overcooking.

Do you want food that is healthier and tastes better?

Our grills produce no carcinogens and enhance the natural flavor of meat - you do not get the typical "burned-grease" flavor unless you want it. With our grill, you control the outcome: barbecue or smoke; it's your choice.


All Dakota Grills sense when food is done and automatically switch to "Warm Mode" for the ultimate in convenience and grilling perfection. All models include a lid-lifted upper rack, a lower rack, a bright display for easy nighttime viewing, an enhanced user-interface, a five-year warranty, and a 30-day, money-back guarantee. With interior and exterior made of quality stainless steel and appendages made of powdercoated galvanneal, your Dakota Grill will last for a very long time.

Cured and Smoked Northern Pike on Dakota Grill

The Signature Series accepts no compromises. Extremely high quality, this grill is made of 304 stainless steel. We'd claim that it's the last grill you'll ever buy, but that wouldn't be true -- you'll want a second (or third) for your other homes. With this fully personalized grill, you will be the envy of the neighborhood. Personalizations include etched or engraved images or text (even signatures) and a name or unique phrase shown briefly on the digital display.
Signature Series Signature Series

Grilled Walleye on Dakota Grill

The Stately Series is our most popular model. Providing a smart mix of quality and economy, it too is refined and stylish. Although it doesn't include the extra luxuries of the Signature Series, it is every bit as functional. And should you desire, we can add beautiful sandblasted images to the lid or front.
Stately Grill Stately Grill

Bacon Wrapped Pheasant w/ Cream of Mushroom Glaze

The Metro Series shines in areas with grilling restrictions -- it's an electric grill that is safer than a stove or oven. Small but powerful, it is perfect for apartments or condominiums. It will not smoke up your apartment, the balcony, or the neighbors (though it can smoke if so desired). Two grilling levels and a small footprint give you as much grilling area as one twice its size. Accessories include throw-away drip pans and removable, stainless-steel shelves or cutting boards.
Metro Grill Metro Grill

The Built-In model is a wonderful addition for any outdoor kitchen. Designed for a standard 36" counter, this premium-quality model includes luxuries similar to the Signature Series. Installation is very flexible; you may build your counter around the grill or use included trim for a smooth retrofit. The grill's base cabinet is also your choice: build one to match your other cabinets or use our stainless steel base to perfectly match the grill. Whatever your preferences, we provide technical support and installation advice; even on-the-site help, should you desire.

Built-In Grill Built-In Grill

Our accessories are all high-quality. Our vinyl grill covers are made in South Dakota and will last for many, many years. A variety of colors is available (light gray is the most popular). All of our grates are 304 stainless steel and dishwasher-safe; they will not rust. Our temperature probes are easily replaceable, should they be damaged or fail.

We also offer several seasonings and meat-cures. When combined with our grill's unique cooking capabilities, our seasonings give you extraordinary flavor, like never before! With our seasonings and meat cures, you can easily make mouth-watering hams, delectable turkey delicacies, summer-sausage, professional ribs, and much, much more - far better than you'll find in a restaurant or store!

Come see the Dakota Grills on display in our retail showroom.

Call (515) 576-7665 for details on a Grilling Demonstration at your own party.
You provide the 115 Volt outlet, food, beverages and guests, We provide the Grill and Grilling Chef
Minimum of 6 Couples (including yourself and spouse) for demonstration!!!
We will grill, bake or smoke anything for your party from Baking Cookies to Smoking Salmon.
All menu items will be discussed with you before our arrival in order to determine time requirements.
Make your party the most remembered with a Dakota Grill on your side!